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Wedding Transportation


Planning your wedding is exciting, but also stressful. In the rush of planning your day, transporting your guests is often left to the last minute. This is a common mistake. When planning is done EARLY in the schedule, transporting the wedding party and guests for convenience, safety and legal reasons will relieve a lot of worrying. This is especially true in the case of “destination weddings,” where guests travel considerable distances for you, taking vacation days and spending quite a bit of money to be there. When planning your wedding transportation needs, talk to an expert EARLY in the process The most effective and practical way to consider transportation is chronologically.

Fashionable Lady at Airport
Wedding Guest Arrival

Airport Transfers

For guests not driving, a transportation company representative will meet them at the airport. It’s inconsiderate to have guests arrive at an airport and fend for themselves finding a cab, bus, or shuttle to their destination. It’s important to note that’s it’s optional as to who pays for transportation to and from the airport. The key is to have a transportation company established EARLY so your guests have a stress-free experience and know who to contact.

The Wedding Day


You're not going to let the wedding party and guests figure out ways to "get to the church on time." Usually, hosts prefer a white limousine for the bride and bridesmaids and a black limousine for the groom and groomsmen. Other wedding guests can be transported by shuttles. The getaway car will whisk away the newlyweds after the rice is thrown.

Tree Pose
Pre-Wedding Activities

Safe Travel

During designated “fun days” for guys and gals, a designated driver is very important. Most guests at a destination wedding will stay 5-7 days to enjoy everything the area has to offer. In coastal resort areas, spa treatments, boating activities, tennis and golf, and other outings may involve alcohol consumption. Don’t let your guests worry about getting a cab – or worse, renting a car and driving. A drunk driving incident at your wedding is simply irresponsible! In many seasonal locations, cabs are not readily available. Make sure your guests have safe, reliable transportation during their time off.

Dancing in the Mist
The Wedding Party


Everyone must be taken to the reception venue smoothly and with little hassle to insure that the happy celebration mood is not broken. After the reception, most guests (especially the younger ones) and (maybe) the bride and groom will want to continue to the party. Most likely, the reception venue will close relatively early, so you need to have a safe way to get those party-mode guests to and from the after-party location.

Dinner Party
Rehearsal Dinner

Be On Time

Nothing is worse than wedding party members to come straggling into the rehearsal dinner late, with everyone waiting. Rehearsal Dinner transportation includes picking up the wedding party FIRST, moving the guests SECOND, and a formal wedding party entrance and exit LAST. Not as simple as people think. Why let your wedding party come in piecemeal? Have transportation set up EARLY to make the dinner a smooth preparation for the wedding day. Take the stress out of this part of your event.

Departing Guests

Perfect Ending

Thanks to your hospitality, after the celebration and well-wishing is over, guests will return home with no little hassles. Since you have planned EARLY for your wedding transportation needs, your guests will cruise back too the airport with nothing but happy memories of a well-planned wedding.


As a wedding planner, you have a lot on your plate. Instead of dealing with separate companies, GoVetted encompasses all of your wedding transportation needs: wedding day limousine, guest charter/shuttle bus, airport pick-up and more. Just contact us and we'll handle the rest!

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