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Technology is ever-evolving; sometimes faster than we can keep up.

GoVetted has captured that innovative technology for a smarter approach to ridesharing. Our vetted drivers are supported by a next generation app allowing you to customize our amenities and services.

Tailor your rides to your exact standards. Whether you need a sedan, SUV, shuttle or even a motorcoach; If you have a preferred radio station. Or, maybe you need to alert the driver of a special medical need. Just let us know.

Our drivers deliver peace of mind. They’re rigorously vetted, and our software includes digital beacons to show us where our drivers, and most importantly, our riders, are at all times.

Receive the best available rate before booking with our surge-free pricing. Plus, your digital data is completely secure.


GoVetted takes our responsibility to the ridesharing community seriously by hiring our drivers to a higher standard. Our professional drivers go through rigorous training, including Defensive Driving, Customer Service, First Aid, CPR and Child Security.

Every applicant is subject to initial and regular ongoing local/state/federal background checks, sex offender registry checks, drug screening, and much more. Review our Comprehensive 20-Point Safety Checklist.

Whether you need routine or scheduled transportation, or a last-minute trip to the store, a fully vetted, professional GoVetted Driver will take care of you and your family safely and reliably. The GoVetted app also allows for constant communication for easily tracking the trip turn-by-turn the entire way.

Keep yourself and your family safe by downloading the GoVetted App today!


Integrating the human element into a technological society, GoVetted’s customers are much more than a number on a screen. We take time to get to know your needs, your safety concerns, and your personal preferences.

Our software engineers and professional drivers have partnered to create a higher level of service reflecting hundreds of thousands of trips. The result? A stress-free, fun ride! Thoughtful amenities abound, such as bottled water and USB charging, and an on-demand concierge who’s a live person, not a machine.

We offer a 24-7-365 professional who’s dedicated to helping you arrive at your destination on time.

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