20-Point Safety Checklist

Girls talking and checklist.
  1. Full Background Check: GoVetted performs the most rigorous background checks available. Local, state, and federal data is uncovered including every address each driver has lived in for the past seven (7) years.
  2. Clean Criminal Background: No criminal felonies are permitted pre-employment. Routine spot-checking is performed regularly.
  3. Sex Offender Registry Search: National and State Registry searches with a zero tolerance for sex offenders of any kind.
  4. Drug Screening: All drivers must pass a pre-employment drug screening and agree to routine screenings.
  5. Hands-Free Device Use: Zero tolerance for non-Bluetooth connected mobile device usage while driving.
  6. GoVetted Zero Tolerance Policy: Any violations of criminal activity, drug use, alcohol abuse, or in-vehicle smoking are met with immediate termination.
  7. Child Safety Training: All drivers must be trained in the mandated passenger safety laws and regulations.
  8. CPR & First Aid Trained: Drivers are trained to deliver First Aid, knowing when to summon emergency intervention.
  9. Defensive Driving Training: A proprietary course and exam in mandated which all drivers must pass.
  10. Customer Service Training: GoVetted trains each driver to a higher standard for customer satisfaction.
  11. Driver Transparency: Our app provides the full name of your driver, a current photo, vehicle description, and verified license plate number.
  12. GPS Tracking: In-app features provide real time GPS trip monitoring with turn-by-turn visibility.
  13. Constant Communication: In-app features allow constant communication with the driver and passenger.
  14. Valid Driver’s License: We personally inspect each license, which must include a clean driving record.
  15. Experienced Drivers Only: Only the best need apply. Our drivers have a minimum of three (3) years of clean driving.
  16. Verified & Known Drivers: Records containing the driver’s photo, front and back of vehicle photos, and vehicle registration updated regularly.
  17. Full Insurance Coverage: Extra driver and passenger insurance is part of each trip.
  18. Additional GoVetted Insurance: GoVetted provides additional driver and rider insurance protection.
  19. High Vehicle Standards: In addition to GoVetted’s higher standards, every vehicle must pass all DOT requirements and safety checks.
  20. Price Assurance: No surge-pricing; know the cost of your trip prior to booking.