It is GoVetted’s policy to maintain our client’s, driver’s and affiliate’s information safe and secure. We take these matters seriously and we continue to develop new and better ways to do this.


GoVetted collects certain information in order to better serve all parties involved with the GoVetted App. It is collected to better select certain drivers, types of vehicles, genre of music, or any other preference that the client may have.


There are various types of information that is collected. We collect the information that you place into the profile. We do this so that we have a baseline of the client. During registration, and any time after, the client is able to update this information at any time. Examples included but are not limited to:

    1. Name
    2. Email address
    3. Birthdate
    4. Payment information
    5. Address

There is also other information that is collected that is not provided by the client, but is collected during the use of the GoVetted App. Some examples of this are:

    1. GPS locations (including Pick up and Drop off locations)
    2. Types of vehicles
    3. Drivers

By collecting this type of information GoVetted is able to build a better service for each individual client using this platform. This is GoVetted’s primary reason for this collection.


While it is GoVetted’s goal to keep certain data private, it is important to have partners involved with the growth of the GoVetted App. We do share certain information with third party companies that help the overall client experience and aid with the growth of GoVetted. These third-party companies do not receive all of the data that GoVetted has collected from the client. GoVetted will not share the addresses listed as a work address or home address. This helps with the safety of the client.

GoVetted will track how many times a client visits certain types of places. This type of information is shared with third party companies so that when promotions, sales or events are occurring at these locations the client can be notified.

If the client does not want to have this information shared with the third-party companies, the client can opt out of the data sharing. By opting out of this, it does not mean that the information is not collected and given to a third-party company, it means that the third-party company will not solicit or send promotions to the email provided.


From the very beginning of internet-based commerce, there have been people that try to get into company’s data bases and steal information. GoVetted takes these type events very seriously. We use the most state-of-the-art security software in order to prevent these events. Our Information Technology Department works around the clock to combat these attacks.

In the event that a data breach does occur, GoVetted is obligated to share that information with the client(s), driver(s) and affiliate(s) involved. GoVetted will work with each individual to validate these claims and agree to take this information to arbitration of settlement purposes.


Financial Data is collected by a contracted third party. This information is not shared or distributed by GoVetted and will only be used for payments on the GoVetted App.


All communication between all parties may be monitored and recorded at any time. This helps in maintaining safety with all parties involved. Additionally, communication between any person(s) and the GoVetted Customer Service team is recorded for training and evaluation purposes. This communication will not be shared and will be maintained in the GoVetted server for an undetermined period of time.


All of the information that a driver provides to GoVetted will be maintained within our servers for an undetermined amount of time. This information is labeled as secured documents and will only be shared with our third-party team that conducts all of the background checks for the drivers.


GoVetted requests data from the user’s device to ensure optimum operation of the device. This includes the IP address, operating system, phone carrier and the type of device used. We also reserve the right to check other shared apps on the device in order to better serve the user(s). GoVetted also asks the user if they want to share their phonebook with us. This information will only be used when the owner of the device agrees and will be used to send invitations to events, promotions and other items that are legal and useful to the users.


GoVetted makes every effort to keep all personal data confidential. Other reasons that we would share information is and is not limited to:

    1. Potential merger or purchase
    2. Restructuring of GoVetted
    3. For all government officials if deemed necessary. This includes police, FBI, IRS, or any other government branch that may need it for purpose.
    4. Our insurance
    5. Advising firms and app development teams contracted to work on the GoVetted platform.


We do not collect information from any individuals under the age of 18. If at any time this information ends up on any one of GoVetted’s servers, GoVetted will take steps to delete or hand over to the appropriate law enforcement agency.


Our world is constantly changing and GoVetted is no different. We are constantly updating our App and with that our Terms of Service Policy along with our Privacy Policy. These updates will be pushed to the user in the form of a prompt and each user will need to agree to a policy prior to next use. If the user does not agree to the new terms, then that user will no longer be able to use the app until they agree to the terms of the new policy.


If there are any questions or comments about the GoVetted privacy policy, please contact the GoVetted help desk at helpdesk@govetted.com. All information that is gathered through the help desk will be evaluated and taken into consideration prior to the next version of the Privacy Policy.