Driver is smiling and places hand on the shoulder of an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair.

NEMT | GoVetted Smarts

GoVetted is a smarter approach to Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services because the drivers are vetted; the service is perfected. Our Drivers are backed by a next-generation app that customizes your NEMT service based on your preferences and supported by the latest software tools. Clients, Drivers, and Providers can manage every aspect of their trip through the GoVetted app – all backed by the highest level of service.


RIDE-MATCHING: The GoVetted App analyzes the needs of each client based on their member information, local resources, and traffic/road conditions.

SUPPLY AND DEMAND DATA: Using predictive demand analytics throughout the day, our app ensures all your NEMT needs are met. Our software captures historical data, client utilization patterns, and projected pick-up times and delays.

CONTINUAL LEARNING: Our self-learning algorithm improves with each booking, trip, and review. It’s what defines our smart technology

Friend pushing woman in wheelchair that is pointing outside.
Driver selecting route on her car's GPS panel.


PREDICTIVE DATA: The GoVetted app analyzes data every second to prevent trip problems, like weather and and trip delays, before they even occur so every vehicle can arrive on time.

GPS TRACKING: Our tools can reduce route times and distances by tracking, optimizing, and dynamically rerouting each leg of a trip, allowing drivers to avoid delays. Providers will be able to view all trip activity and the exact location of each vehicle.

REAL-TIME VIEWING: You can watch every movement of a trip in real-time and communicate with the client or driver at any time.


TOTAL TRANSPARENCY: Data and analytics tools improve patient transportation and reporting efficiency giving total transparency into rider data, utilization rates, and member trends, which saves on health care costs.

ADVANCED SCHEDULING: Dashboard options make it easy for our partners to manage individual and multiple trips with one tool. Clients can pre-book trips with helpful features.

IMPROVED RATINGS: Better trip data analysis leads better health outcomes, better client experiences, and improved HEDIS, STAR, and CAHPS ratings.

Nurse speaking with elderly woman in wheelchair about her chart.
Elderly man is communicating on his smartphone.


TWO-WAY FEEDBACK: Drivers and clients can give feedback after each tip. This enables providers to track service levels and manage relationships based on real information.

DRIVER COMMUNICATION: Drivers can communicate directly with clients before and after each trip. Providers and drivers can communicate at all times. Access to driver documentation allows you to have total confidence in each GoVetted team member.

CLIENT COMMUNICATION: Clients can provide special pick-up instructions, timing issues, etc., enabling a seamless trip. Clients can also communicate with providers at all times.