"We care enough to do the right thing and make lives better."
GoVetted is a start-up rideshare-transportation company with a unique company culture as our tagline is...
Not only do we care about our staff, drivers, and riders, but we care about the local community and world as a whole.  GoVetted believes that by paying it forward one ride at a time we can do our part to make the world the best it can be.
Here are a few of our programs either already in play or in the process thereof:

Caring Ridesharing Video Series

Sponsored by and filmed/edited by GoVetted staff, this video series showcases local non-profit groups that are making a difference in the community while giving them a full-length high-quality documentary-style video for their own fundraising and public relations outreach. Once the full length video is created, it is shortened to a 3.5 minute feature on our YouTube page and website. Our goal is to enlighten others on the good being done in the community and how they can help.

Round-Up Donations

GoVetted will offer at the end of each ride for riders to round-up their payments in which the difference will be donated to a quarterly non-profit of choice. This quarterly non-profit will announced at the beginning of each quarter and cross-promoted on our website and all social media. Once the quarter is completed, a donation will be made in the non-profit's name and we will include a photo and a blurb in our blog and social media.

Driver & Staff Outreach

Our drivers and staff are our most important assets to GoVetted. We will be offering several amazing outreach programs:

  • Live and Private Chats with Clergyman available on social media channels to advise/assist with the following:

    • Financial Concerns​

    • Emotional Issues & Suicide Risks

    • Relationship Concerns

  • Driver Hotline for Help that will include a variety of Resources

  • Career Outreach for the following:

    • Single Parents​

    • Veterans

    • Under-Privilege Countries such as:

      • Haiti​

      • Honduras

      • Etc.

Helping Our Communty...

Building Homes For Heroes
Building Homes For Heroes
Semper Fi Sisters
Semper Fi Sisters
Green Beret Foundation
Green Beret Foundation
Warrior Survivor Foundation
Warrior Survivor Foundation
Seaside School Marathon
Seaside School Marathon
Emerald Coast All Sports Association
Emerald Coast All Sport Association
Destin Charity Wine Auction
Destin Charity Wine Auction
Chi Chi Miguel Foundation
Chi Chi Miguel Foundation
Special Olympics Florida
Special Olympics Florida
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