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GoVetted’s K-12 transportation to schools, camps, and activities gives you peace of mind because our professional Drivers are:

• Fully vetted and routinely spot-checked
• Specially trained in child safety
• In constant communication before, during, and immediately after each trip

GoVetted Offers Piece-of-Mind To Busy Families

GoVetted’s comprehensive vetting and security practices ensure the safest and most reliable transportation for your children. 

Your life is busy. Between your work schedules, your children’s activities, and life’s unexpected hiccups, sometimes you need a helping hand.

Between parents’ work schedules, children’s school and activities schedule, and life’s unexpected bumps, most of us find ourselves in need of a ride for our children at some point.

Let us help. Our fully vetted, professional drivers will take care of you and your family’s needs.

Whether you need routine or scheduled transportation or a last-minute situation arose, a fully vetted, professional GoVetted Driver can transport your child to where they need to be safely and reliably. The GoVetted app allows constant communication with your child and the Driver during the ride. You can also track the trip, turn-by-turn, the entire way.

GoVetted Child Transport services can provide;
• School, camp and activities.
Doctor and dentist appointments.

Friends and relatives homes.

Peace of Mind for Busy Families


As the owner of GoVetted, I’m passionate about providing safe and reliable child transportation service. One I’d trust with my own young daughters. The screening process and technology safety features I’ve developed give me total confidence in recommending this service to you and your loved ones.

– John Finch, Owner & CEO

Hiring to a higher standard, each GoVetted Driver must have the
Smarts, Security Clearance and Soul it takes to be entrusted with your children. 

Caring Ridesharing Standards

Caring Ridesharing Standards
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Caring Ridesharing. 

GoVetted trains each driver to deliver a higher standard.