Go big! Drive for GoVetted and Drive Up Your Earnings.

GoVetted gives our professional drivers: 

  • Generous commission structure
  • Bonuses based upon performance
  • Opportunity to start your own business

Join the Pros Now!

Earn More Money, More Respect, and More Opportunity.

At GoVetted, we treat you with respect and pay you like a professional.

GoVetted hires to a higher standard. If you qualify, you will earn a high commission on base fares, be rewarded with performance bonuses, and get paid weekly.

Supplement your income while driving full or part-time.
You decide how much you’ll earn.

Additional Bonuses:

Get $100 for 100 Trips

After completing 100 trips within the first year which earn a 4-star rating, we’ll give you a $100 bonus.

Refer Us and We’ll Reward You

Our Customer Ride Credit Program lets you turn your good customers into your best customers. Receive a 10% credit when your customers take their first ride with us (up to $10), earn an additional 1% for every trip taken by your new customer, forever.

Drive for GoVetted and be part of the elite.

Enjoy a high earning potential and be respected as a professional, not a hustler. Work with a high class clientele who appreciate dedication and attention to detail.

Driver Requirements

Hiring to a higher standard, each applicant must have the Smarts, Security and Soul
that it takes to become a GoVetted driver.

    • Be willing and able to take on the duties and responsibilities of a  professional driver
    • Be at least 21 years of age
    • Have a valid U.S. driver’s
    • License for at least 1 year
    • Local knowledge of driving area
    • Pass the GoVetted vetting process
    • Have a vehicle that passes
    • GoVetted operating standards
    • Have a valid vehicle registration
    • Have up-to-date inspection stickers properly displayed
    • Be covered by an active auto insurance policy
    • Our drivers are trained to deliver a higher standard of service
    • Unique opportunities are available to GoVetted drivers not available with rideshare competitors
    • A high level of insurance is provided to qualified GoVetted drivers

Exclusive Opportunity

GoVetted gives you unique opportunities our competitors cannot match.

Livery Vehicle Purchase Options

In partnership with Mercedes Benz and Allied Bank, only GoVetted offers this exclusive program to purchase a Mercedes Benz livery vehicle at a significant savings.

The GoVested© Program Opportunity

Don’t Just Drive, Start a Thriving Business.

Take charge of your career! GoVetted Driver’s earn high commissions and bonuses. But you’ll also get the chance to run your own business as a GoVested Rep. Build a team of  vetted Drivers and earn profits every time they pick up a passenger.
The more you recruit the more you earn.

As a GoVetted Chauffeur you will have the opportunity to purchase a new Mercedes Metris, Standard or Livery Version, at fleet prices.